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Is the treewalk open in the rain?

Yes, in fact, the forest ambiance and colours are even more stunning in the wet weather, so the Treewalk is a very good all weather activity. However, please be aware that although the forest canopy can provide shelter from the rain, you will need wet weather gear and sturdy shoes for heavier downpours! In addition, it is always advisable to wear a sturdy pair of shoes with a solid tread/sole when visiting the Treewalk during wetter conditions. We will not operate the Treewalk in high winds or during thunder/lightning storms.

Is there wheelchair access to the treewalk?

Wheelchair users are welcome to access the starting platform, which starts from ground level to 9-metres in height. This platform is accessed via a 50-metre spiral staircase. However, the rest of the Treewalk is unaccessible via wheelchair.

Can children and infants treewalk?

Children and infants cannot be carried at any stage along the Treewalk, either in front or back carriers, in an adult’s arms or on shoulders.

However, we have four baby trolleys available (photo here). These are available on a first come, first served basis and are free of charge to use as part of your Treewalk admission. The strollers can be used by infants 2.3 – 10 kg in weight and 48 – 74 cm in length. Two adults must operate the baby stroller (front and rear). However, our friendly team members are happy to help if you’re visiting solo.

Can everyone treewalk?

To be able to Treewalk, customers must have a reasonable level of fitness and all Treewalker’s must be able to walk unaided, including children and infants (more info below).

There is a maximum weight of 120 kg for any one individual.

The youngest we’ve had on the Treewalk was 2-weeks old and the oldest was 97-years old… so what’s stopping you?!

How do I access the treewalk?

The Treewalk entrance is reached via a spiral staircase from ground level to a starting height of 9-metres. The entrance is a lantern inspired spiral designed by New Zealand design and sustainability champion David Trubridge and opened in Autumn 2018. There are no ladders to climb and the only stairs on the Treewalk are those that lead to an optional higher viewing platform.

How long does it take to walk?

Visitors can walk at their own pace and take their time to enjoy the unique views from the living decks, however, we do advise Treewalker’s allow up to 30-minutes to complete the daytime Treewalk and up to 45-minutes for the nighttime Treewalk.

How long is the walk?

The original Treewalk is 553-metres long, plus the 50-metre David Trubridge starting spiral staircase and an optional 100-metre extension at a 20-metre height, so 700-metres in total!

What is the higher viewing platform?

In October 2017, Redwoods Treewalk opened an optional higher viewing platform (more info here), which is included in the Treewalk admission price. This platform extends 20 m from the forest floor and includes two glass panels enabling you to peer straight down… if you dare!

What are the opening hours?

Check out our Prices + Hours page for the most up-to-date opening hours or our facebook for last minute changes or notices. The only day we’re closed is Christmas Day – 25 December.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We sure do! Gift vouchers can be purchased online in a variety of denominations and are issued as e-tickets to either the purchaser or directly to the recipient. Please note that gift vouchers are only available for purchase online through our website and are not available for purchase at the i-SITE’s.

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Do I need to book/purchase tickets in advance?

Tickets can be purchased online before you arrive and you can then proceed straight to the Treewalk entrance.

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How much does the treewalk cost?

Check out our Prices + Hours page for our pricing structure.

What is the Redwoods Nightlights and when are the lights turned on?

At night, 30 David Trubridge designed lanterns and 40 colour spots and feature lights illuminate Redwoods Treewalk for a totally different and unique nocturnal experience. The night lights are turned on each night around dusk. For further information, visit the Redwoods Nightlights page and Prices + Hours page on our website.

  • This night walk was mystical and we walked up the higher ramp this time. Overall it was like a educational walk during the day and a magical one during the night! It is a Must do in Rotorua!

    New Zealand  
  • Coolest place ever! We went at dusk so did half of the walk in the day time and the other half in the semi dark when all the night lights were on! Was such a beautiful walk and loved every moment! The staff were super informative and nice. I will definitely be back in the future!

    Whangarei, New Zealand  
  • During our family weekend get away this was a most do on our list and it didn’t disappoint. The woods are breathtaking, with some of the biggest trees I’ve certainly seen.

    Sydney, Australia  
  • It is a beautiful informative relaxing adventure into nature. Well done to all the people that put this sanctuary together. Great to know profits are going back I to continuing the restorations of these magnificent Redwood giants. 5 stars from me.

    Melbourne, Australia  
  • We can’t recommend this enough. The kids and adults had a great time. Staff assisting us, [and] were so happy and helpful which really added to the experience being so great.

  • Wow! What a spectacular walk! We did the night walk first as we're not heights people, and loved the gorgeous lanterns and lights. We went back during the day and it was like we were at another venue with plenty to do and see!

    Goulburn, Australia