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Don’t let this weather put you off getting out a Don’t let this weather put you off getting out and about, come and experience the magic of the forest in the rain 🌧🌿 📷 @matt_nad86
Thursday 19th November 2020 is World Pancreatic Ca Thursday 19th November 2020 is World Pancreatic Cancer Day, to help raise awareness, we have lit up purple for the week!Come and experience the magic 🌿 Sunday - Thursday 9.30am - last 🎫 sale @ 9.30pm Friday - Saturday 9.30am - last 🎫 sale @ 10pm
Nighttime #fanphotofriday goodness 🙌 See you th Nighttime #fanphotofriday goodness 🙌 See you this weekend for the Redwoods Nightlights - sunset is at 8 pm 🌝 @atleyd 📷
Rainy days got you down? Fear not! @treewalknz is Rainy days got you down? Fear not! @treewalknz is lush during these spring showers! 🌦 @desmadmd 📷
Walking into the weekend like a boss 🙌🌿 We’re an all weather activity, so visit us rain or shine! Thanks @philtran23 📷 for this awesome #fanphotofriday
Protips and FAQs!Heading out for night walk thes Protips and FAQs!Heading out for night walk these school holidays?We've got some #protips for you!- Families - arrive at 7 pm 👶 👨‍🦱 👩‍🦰- Couples, mature groups wanting some quiet time? -  arrive closer to 9 pm (Mon-Fri, Sun) and 9.30-10.30 pm on Saturday 👩‍❤️‍👨 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨Common FAQs -🌿 Do I need to book in advance? No, tickets are always available onsite up to 9 pm (10 pm on Saturday).🌿 What time does the night walk start? From sunset, so approx. 7.30 pm right now.🌿 As infants and children cannot be carried, are the strollers available again? Yes, all our strollers are now available again that we're back in Alert Level 1.🌿 How does the free nightlights/combo work? Your ticket entitles you to a free nighttime walk - this must be used within 3 days of your first visit, which can start at either day or night.🌿 How long is the current free nightlights deal valid for? Tickets purchased at treewalk.co.nz are valid up to 14 December 2020. Then from your first visit at either day or night, you have 3 days to return for your second walk (day or night).
Clocks spring forward this weekend and school holi Clocks spring forward this weekend and school holidays start, so new operating hours for the longer days 🌞 #schoolholidays
  • Did the new Redwoods Altitude experience! Absolutely amazing! Enjoyable! Safe! Adventurous! Sam (our guide) was an wealth of insight, experience & fun! A must do!!!

    Rotorua, New Zealand  
  • Coolest place ever! We went at dusk so did half of the walk in the day time and the other half in the semi dark when all the night lights were on! Was such a beautiful walk and loved every moment! The staff were super informative and nice. I will definitely be back in the future!

    Whangarei, New Zealand  
  • What an asset to Rotorua. The beauty and peaceful feeling when walking around the heights was beautiful. Thank you to our guide Izumi

    The Fullers
    Tirau, New Zealand  
  • The Redwood Forest is just stunning... The lights are just incredible and it is such a beautiful thing to be walking so high in the trees. We also went back the next day and walked around the forest - still gorgeous. Would definitely recommend.

    Hamilton, New Zealand  
  • This is a highlight in Rotorua. Super friendly and helpful staff. Amazing walk high through the trees. Take the high road if you dare! It's worth it.

    Auckland, New Zealand  
  • The Redwoods Altitude tree walk is beyond amazing! It was the highlight of our tiki tour of the North Island, and if you’re a wee bit terrified of heights, it was life changing. We felt so safe while being challenged well beyond our comfort zones. The guides are great, very encouraging.

    Auckland, New Zealand